If your company has the ambition to start sourcing products from China, we can certainly help. We can supply products at the lowest possible costs and optimum specification for your business.

Our speciality is in understanding the technical attributes of the product and matching our customers with the most suitable manufacturer in terms of capability, value and integrity. We focus on driving down costs to ensure enduring competitive advantage for our customers.

We provide an itemised full spares back-up complete with diagrams for all products including shower enclosures and LED mirrors.

We also monitor market trends and visit important trade shows in Europe and Asia to ensure that our products meet the changing needs of consumers.

We never make the same products for different customers, and we do not compete with our customers by selling products in our own right.

Every project is different, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Ensuring products meet the expectation of you and your customers is critical and starts with the right choice of factory. We work with factories to fine tune production, building in quality checks and defining procedures throughout the process.

We only supply from factories who manufacture in well organised, tidy and professional environments so that they can achieve and maintain the quality standards we specify for each product.

We employ independent quality control managers who determine best practise during production. From the start of the process we define the quality checking process necessary in the factory, from checking components, to testing and photographing key stages of production including products as they are completed and ready to be shipped.

Our quality assurance experts will also develop a QA programme to check each shipment before it leaves the factory. Normally we will use the AQL Acceptable Quality Level/Limit System for checking product quality. They are on site to QC every shipment before it leaves the factory.

We understand the quality testing regime in China, and we make sure that certification such as CE marking is authentic and robust.


Whether you require branded four colour packaging or low-cost packs that simply protect your product, we can produce logo designs, artwork, and/or product instruction leaflets as required.


We can help you optimise your shipping process, working with you to ensure containers are filled, and coordinating all aspects of the import process with your freight forwarder.


We want our customers to enjoy a long relationship with us for mutual benefit and we pride ourselves on helping our customers to grow their business profitably.


+44 (0)20 3000 2612

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